Andy Kenworthy

What generally passes as me makes no sense.

In this blog I’m writing all the things nobody will pay me to write. Let’s call it the Inconveniently Uncommercialisable Truth. 

I’m not selling anything. I don’t particularly need to convince you of anything. I don’t mind if you don’t change your mind. 

The ideas that drove me here are these: 

Life’s potential for meaning might be best accessed by living as close to a personal truth as possible, even if that keeps changing, and you’re wrong most of the time.  

Follow even the vaguest signs of personal destiny, they could lead somewhere interesting. 

Read great writers. Listen to great musicians. Live so as to feel kindred with them and their ideas. 

Try not to compromise too much, or lose yourself to mediocrity. 

Don’t believe you are ever above and beyond anything at all. If enlightenment is even possible, it’s just as likely to be overlooked in the mud as in the sky.

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